About Battagram
The district of Battagram is located at the latitude of 34.41 and longitude 73.1. It is surrounded by Kohistan District to the north, Mansehra District to the east, Kala Dhaka (now Torghar District) tribal area to the south and Shangla District to the west. It has a total…....
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Deputy Commissioner
District Administration Battagram is utilizing all its resources for development and betterment of the district. Our aim is to provide maximum relief to the general public thorough good governance and justice by collaborating with all ... View Details


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Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Deputy Commissioner Battagram 0997-310136 ap.battagram@gmail.com
Addtional Deputy Commissioner Battagram 0997-310001
Addtional Deputy Commissioner (F&P), Battagram 0997-311756 ap.battagram@gmail.com
Assistant Commissioner 0997-310136
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